Sunday, August 14, 2016

Clinics & Auditions

I am so excited for our clinics and auditions this week!! It's always fun to begin a new dance season. We will be having regular dance classes this week as well as clinics and auditions. Clinics will be on Wed. and Thurs. evening at the following times.
1st-3rd grade 5:00-6:00
4th-6th grade 6:00-7:00
7th grade and up 7:00-8:00
Auditions will begin on Friday at 2:30. (some schools start that day) Parents can come in the last 10 min. to video the dance but other than that I am not allowing observers. It gets so hot in there that I want to keep as many bodies as possible out. 
There is a $15.00 fee for the clinics and auditions. Please send that the first day of clinics. If you pay with cash please put it in an envelope with the dancers name on it. 

Dance Pictures

We will be doing Team and individual pictures on Friday Aug. 26th at the same park here in South Weber that we did last year. Cedar Cove Park 1983 E. 7550 S. 
Even if you do not want to purchase the pictures please come! I hang them in the studio and I know the girls that are not in them always feel a little bad. They cost $11.00 and if you are paying with cash please put it in an envelope with the dancers name and class on it, if you pay with a check put the dancers name and class on the bottom of the check. Make them out to Kandi Reseler. Times are as follows. Please have hair and makeup on. 

5:00 - Sugar Rush
5:10 - Lollipop
5:25 - Stuck On You
5:35 - Candy Man
5:45 - Bubblegum
5:55 - Cake by the Ocean
6:05 - Boys Hip Hop
6:15 - Mini Extreme
6:30 - Petitie Extreme 
6:45 Jr. Extreme
7:00 - Premier Extreme
7:15 - High Extreme
7:30 - Elite Extreme 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Aug performances, pictures and Fall schedule

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It's going by way too fast! I wanted to remind everyone about a few things that are coming up. 

SAT. AUG. 6TH. We will be performing and riding in the South Weber Days Parade on Sat. Aug. 6th. This is for all of my dancers. Everyone will meet at the beginning of the Parade lineup. We will be in a white Ford truck with a trailer pulled over on South Weber Drive up towards the Apartments. (2100 East) Please have them there at 10:30 a.m. The parade starts at 11:00. The girls will wear their costumes, hair can be however they would like just make sure it is pulled up because it will be hot! Have them bring a water bottle and if they would like to throw candy send some with them. If they were in the tumbling dance or ordered the shorts outfit they can wear that in the parade and then change into their costumes after. (shorts and t's will be here by the end of the week) We will be performing at the park right after the parade. So parents that have kids that need to change please come straight to Stage area at the Park to help them change into their costumes. I will take the girls straight from the float to the stage area to line up for our performance. Please let your kids know that they need to stay with me behind the stage, they can not go out looking for you!!!

WED. AUG. 10TH. We will be performing at the Weber County Fair on Aug. 10th. The girls need to meet me at the Recreation Hall Stage at 3:15 all ready to perform. We perform at 3:45 and will be done by 4:30 so those that are doing the "Kid K Race" in South Weber will be done in plenty of time to make it back to participate in the race. 
I hope everyone will really make an effort to come to these performances. Performing is the best experience for our dancers and I hate them to only have 1 chance to perform. Plus it is so hard to not have your whole class there, formations and counts depend on everyone being there! I know summer is super busy and a lot of girls have not made it to class in July. I hope they can all make it back in Aug and be ready to perform.

CLINICS AND AUDITIONS FOR COMPETITION TEAM. Our clinics will be held on Wed and Thurs Aug. 17th and 18th. 
1st-3rd grade will come from 5:00-6:00
4th - 6th grade will come from 6:00-7:00
7th grade and up will come from 7:00-8:00
AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY MORNING.They will get their Audition time on Thurs. at the end of our clinics. 

PICTURES - We will take class and individual pictures on Friday Aug. 26th. I will post the times on our blog and Facebook next week. I hope everyone will make it to our pictures, even if you do not want to purchase them I would like all of the kids in them. I love to hang them in our studio and the girls really feel bad when they look at them and they are not in them. We are waiting until school starts so more can make it since summer is so busy!!

FALL SCHEDULE- I am working on our Fall dance schedule and would like to get it out to everyone the first of Aug. If you have a child going into pre school or Kindergarten (or if your work schedule has conflicts) will you please let me know if they are going in the morning or afternoon?

I also have tumbling classes available as well as technique and boys hip hop classes for anyone interested. For those that take more than 1 class gets a discount on their 2nd class and even a bigger discount for the 3rd class! If you are interested in adding one of these classes please let me know. 
Summer has been a lot of fun at dance!! We have been working on the girls pirouettes, flexibility and their technique. I have already seen an improvement in those that have been coming! They have really been working hard!!!! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you so much for everything!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hair for bubblegum

Like the picture but hair curlier. 

Lollipop dance

This is for the Lollipop dance. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hair Instructions

Hair instructions - "Cake by the Ocean" & "Lollipop" I will have those pictures posted tomorrow (Wed.) night.

Candy Man - Just like this but I want their hair curled. If their hair is too short just pull the front of their hair back so its not in their face. 
Sugar Rush - Just like this but I want their hair curled. If their hair is too short just pull the front of their hair back so its not in their face.
Bubblegum - Same  

Stuck on You - High Pony with a sock bun. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Schedule

Dance Summer Schedule 
Starts the week of June 6th
Please let Michele know if you have a problem with the new times.

12:15 will come at 12pm-12:45pm
1:00 will come at 12:45pm-1:45pm
4:15 will come at 10am-11am
5:15 (dance and tumbling) will come at 11am-12pm
6:15 will come at 8am-10am

4:15 will come at 10am-12pm
6:15 will come at 8am-10am

4:15 will come at 10am-12pm
6:15 will stay the same
Boys class will be decided later

4:15 (dance and tumbling) will come at 11am-12pm
5:15 (technique and tumbling) will come at 10am-11am
6:15 8am-10am

We will also offer a Saturday tumbling class from 9am-10am, for those who can’t make it during regular times.  Please let Michele know if you will be coming to this class.